Cake Raspberry Rush Disposable

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Cake Raspberry Rush Disposable (sativa)

Cake She Hits Different Thc Disposable

The cake raspberry rush disposable flavor and aroma are unique, combining notes of sweet fruits and creamy chocolate with a spicy twist.

When smoked or vaped, its flavor profile is rich and robust, carrying notes of coffee and over-ripened berries with a hint of creamy chocolate that is detected on the exhale.

Those who are lucky enough to get their hands on a pack of Cake Raspberry Rush Disposable produced by Cake she hits different have shared its effects.

Starting with a euphoric uplift that slowly transcends to a relaxing body buzz.

As the body melts away into this relaxing high.

Major problems like chronic pain and stress has been said by many to be reduced and those suffering insomnia have said that they find great relief when consuming this strain.

Simultaneously,  the body experiences a slightly sedating, soothing relief from chronic tension and aches.

It is hypothesized that equal amounts of the dominant terpenes have a balancing effect.

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